Lumenis is the world leader in laser and light-based technologies for medical and aesthetic applications. They offer the widest range of products and have made the industry’s largest investment in research and development. Lumenis holds 183 patents worldwide, with another five dozen currently pending. All of which makes them the ideal technological partner for Advanced Laser Clinics…enhancing our ability to meet patients’ wants, needs and desires for cosmetic services.

In response to the ever-increasing demand to remove unwanted hair on virtually any body area, the ability to offer superior results to the widest variety of patients is crucial. The LightSheerTM Diode Laser System delivers on the promise and has become the most popular Laser Hair Removal device worldwide. Offering a unique combination of laser parameters and patented ChillTip™ protection, the LightSheer family of diode laser systems represents quintessential simplicity in a state-of-the art package.

The LightSheer system was designed from the ground up for effective hair removal, providing unsurpassed safety/efficacy and reliability. Its advanced high-power diode technology delivers high fluence combined with a large spot size, user-selected pulse width, aggressive contact cooling plus compression for high-performance that is unmatched by other high-tech hair removal systems. Both in rigorous scientific trials as well as extensive clinical practice, the LightSheer system has emerged as the gold standard in laser hair removal.

In addition to clinical documentation of the LightSheer’s efficacy with hair removal, it is also FDA cleared for the treatment of leg veins.